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Control Casa the only home automation system that protects you from electromagnetic waves

It is now well known that electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices are harmful to the tissues of our body.

We are the first generation ever to experience the WI-FI network without having reliable data or sources on the real damage that involve all these electromagnetic fields interconnected between them.

And, unfortunately, it seems that all the most authoritative sources of medicine deflect this important and delicate subject.

As always, there are scientists and doctors who claim the real damage of electrosmog with evidence of an increase in diseases in recent years such as tumors and cancer.

While on the opposite side there are more or less authoritative associations, which claim that all these fields that interact continuously with our organism, changing it, do not hurt. Unfortunately, they do not support this argument and, moreover, they are not even able to admit their claims with certainty.

After all, after the last years of this pandemic, the world of medicine is divided and ordinary people have lost the sense of trust in the most authoritative central bodies.

On such a delicate subject, prevention is better than cure.

It is better to prevent and clean your own home from all these magnetic fields.

An increasingly home automation future

In a future where everything will be more and more connected, in a wireless world and where 5G will govern, it is good that at least our house is energetically clean and safe.

Better to continue now also from the point of view of home automation… but how?

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Control Casa the first home automation system that protects against electromagnetic waves

The Italian Control Casa, on the other hand, significantly reduces electrosmog to both active and inactive buttons.

Control Casa, the first home automation system that protects against electromagnetic waves, is really able to reduce the electrosmog produced by buttons and switches, compared to a traditional electrical system.

With Control Casa not only the power outlet, but also the cable meters up to the area cassette are no longer crossed by power and are no longer sources of electromagnetic waves.

With the home automation system Control Casa, not only the sockets, but also the unused cables of the electrical system are disabled to reduce the sources of electrosmog.

Control Casa is installed during the renovation or construction of the house and, as demonstrated by the experiments carried out in these articles, is a great ally against the emission of electromagnetic waves, both in low frequency and radio frequency.

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Why choosing Control Casa, the home automation system that protects against electromagnetic waves

More functionality: the technology provides a complete system for each employee. You can access the office through your smartphone at fixed times. In the evening, the office waits for the employee’s exit to disconnect the voltage.

More security: You can no longer forget an open gate or door. The system checks that it is closed at the scheduled time. Management and control can be performed from anywhere in the world. Anti-theft function included.

More safety: the system automatically removes electricity and gas. This happens thanks to advanced sensors against water, gas or smoke losses. The alarm is sent to employees’ PCs and remotely.

More savings: you can no longer forget a light on. The system verifies the lighting shutdown and allows the verification and the remote action. The sockets can be disabled during the night, to cancel the consumption of the stand-by of all the equipment. This extends its operating life.

We also recommend reading the previous articles about electrosmog. We showed how to make measurements and we demonstrated the existence of electromagnetic fields, also produced by appliances turned off.

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