Control Casa : The Smart Home of the Future

Control Casa : The Smart Home of the Future. 0t is an environment consisting of systems capable of performing autonomous and/ or programmed by the user.

This home automation system allows the user to remotely manage his home and appliances. Thanks to appropriate user interfaces (such as buttons, remote controls, voice recognition), which send commands to the intelligent control system.

Our smart home system allows you to carry out actions that concern the automatically and remotely management of our plants. This is thanks to applications used directly by your smartphone.

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Control Casa, home automation, display, uses, functions, touch ControlCasa : The Smart Home of the Future

MAIN APPLICATIONS of Control Casa: The Smart Home of the Future :

  • lighting sector, that is the ability to manage switching on, switching off and adjusting lights. The control of current loads, the possibility of monitoring and managing current loads as a function of energy saving and the prevention of overload blackouts;
  • temperature regulation and heating, regulating the temperature in every part of your house and thus avoiding unnecessary consumption;
  • automatic opening and closing of doors and gates, as well as curtains, shutters, management of alarm systems, home automation systems are able to detect gas leaks, smoke or flooding, to secure the environment by closing solenoid valves and send the alarm via sms or email;
  • video surveillance, with the possibility of monitoring your house both internally and externally in real time;
  • the control of household appliances and irrigation of the garden. That is the possibility of setting, programming or remotely controlling household appliances and the ability to automate the irrigation of your garden according to schedules or humidity and rain sensors.

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Control Casa, home automation, for everyone, relax, thoughtless ControlCasa : The Smart Home of the Future


  • Savings on consumption: Control Casa home automation system constantly keeps under control the consumption of your house, increasing energy efficiency. Eliminating waste and reducing the cost of bills. If the meter has never been activated it will be useful to proceed with a new connection of electricity and gas.
  • Greater living comfort: systems and appliances can be remotely activated and customized, making it easier to manage your house
  • More security: Control Casa is able to warn us in time if there are any damage to all connected systems
  • Increase in real estate value: Control Casa home automation system will increase the real estate value of the house

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