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CTRL-Drop, water leaks control

Water leaks control

Welcome to Control Casa, the most advanced home automation technology available: water leaks control.

Control Casa uses latest technology to create the utmost comfort at home.

CTRL-Drop turns simple water systems into a โ€œsmartโ€ system by monitoring water pressure and, at measurable drops in pressure, automatically shuts the water valve and sends immediate message to your smartphone, tablet or other Internet-enabled device.

CTRL-Drop can also be configured to send alerts directly to your preferred plumbing specialist for rapid attention to problems.

CTRL-Drop, just one of the many functions available with Control Casa home automation, monitors the water system to quickly control and resolve water leaks.

Control Casa, Control Manager, CTRL-Drop, controllo perdite acqua, messaggio di allarmeControl Casa, Control Manager, controllo perdite, chiamata del tecnico, CTRL-Drop

CTRL-Drop functionalities, water leaks control.

  • Sensors detect drops in water pressure that indicate leaks.
  • Control Casa sends technical alarms to designated users such as plumber or electrician.
  • Automatic shutdown of power, water and/or gas shutdown in case of problem detection.
  • Option to send help or request for assistance message from the bathroom to other system users.

Thanks to the use of advanced, proven DAT technology, Control Casa and Control Manager automation systems support your lifestyle, now and in years to come.

Control Casa and Control Manager control the solenoid valves to open/close water flow and send alerts via e-mail or message to assure the situation is always under control.

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