Home automation in a B&B under renovation, final phase

Home automation in a B&B under renovation is about to reach its final implementation. At this stage of installation, a world of opportunities opens up for your B&B. Let’s look at how Control Casa home automation system can take your B&B to a new level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

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Advanced security with home automation in a B&B

Security is a top priority for any B&B. Control Casa offers a wide range of solutions to ensure the protection of guests and staff. You can integrate motion sensors for burglar alarm and alarms to detect intrusions or gas leaks, sending immediate alerts to administrators.

Home automation in a B&B: Efficient energy management

A B&B can require a considerable amount of energy, but Control Casa allows you to manage consumption efficiently. You can monitor and control the energy used and take steps to reduce waste. For example, you can set automation to automatically turn off lights and heating/air conditioning when a room is unoccupied, helping to reduce energy costs.

Remotely controlled and easy to use

A great advantage of Control Casa home automation system is its intuitive interface and the ability to control all functions remotely. This allows you to monitor and manage your B&B even when you are not physically present. You can adjust settings, check the status of rooms, open or close doors or windows, and much more, all through the Control Casa web app. This flexibility allows you to provide a perfect guest service and address any problems in real time.

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Remote check-in and check-out

Another advantage of Control Casa home automation system for your B&B is how easy you can manage guest self check-in and self check-out in a smart way. Using advanced technology, you can send a customized link to the guest’s cell phone on the day of arrival. This link allows them to access the Control Casa web app. Through this web app they can open the B&B front door and access their room without needing a physical key. This remote self check-in and check-out system makes the guest experience more convenient. It is possible to eliminate the need for waiting or personal meetings upon arrival and departure. Of note is the importance and convenience of this remote check-in and check-out option for guests arriving or departing at somewhat inconvenient flight times. So they will be totally autonomous in this as well.

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Management of blinds and lights remotely

With Control Casa, you can control your B&B’s blinds, lights, and outlets remotely. This lets you offer a complete room management even when you are not physically present. For example, if a guest forgets to lower the blinds when leaving, you can do it yourself with a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet. The same goes for lights: you can turn the lights in a room or throughout the facility on or off from wherever you are. This feature not only ensures guest convenience, but also saves energy and contributes to the sustainability of your B&B.

The addition of remote self check-in and check-out management via a link sent to the guest’s cell phone and remote control of blinds and lights are two additional benefits that the Control Casa home automation system offers in your B&B. These additional features provide convenience to the host and simplify the day-to-day management of the facility. This is the perfect way to allow greater flexibility and time savings. By integrating these features into your B&B, you provide a modern and efficient service. This kind of service is surely impressing guests and contributing to the reputation and success of your B&B.

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