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Irrigate your lawn with Control Casa

Have you ever thought about watering your garden when youโ€™re out? Irrigate your lawn with Control Casa.

Having everything under control today is possible thanks to Control Casa home automation system .

Control Casa is the only one system that allows you to remotely manage your garden irrigation through its special webapp .

You can have a green lawn without having to do any more effort, just a click.

Save a lot of money on bills thanks to the Control Casa remotely controlled irrigation system .

Choose in total autonomy the duration and frequency of irrigation. And when it rains, you can stop watering manually or automatically to protect your lawn.

Irrigate your lawn with Control Casa: how does the Control Casa home automation system work?

Control Casa irrigation is managed by a unit that controls opening and closing of solenoid valves connected to sprinklers.

The control unit is equipped with a software. This software allows you to set and customize the irrigation programs thanks to sensors data.

The internet connection via router or wifi allows you to manage the irrigation through any device connected to the internet.

Irrigate your lawn with Control Casa

Control Casa: customized to your needs

Compared to traditional automatic irrigation, Control Casa home automation irrigation offers the advantage of high customization. According to the type of vegetation, you can set the frequency and duration of irrigation.

It is possible to define a series of irrigation zones, each controlled by a solenoid valve.


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