Home Evolution (made in Italy)

Home Evolution – Control Casa and Control Manager

As products of DAT instruments Company, a company globally recognized for providing advanced civil engineering construction automation hardware and software, Control Manager and Control Casa enjoy the same innovative technology applied to making home and business environments more comfortable and enjoyable.

Both Control Casa and Control Manager provide automated remote control functions and programming versatility for home and business environments and are compatible with most common, pre-existing wiring, switches and outlets found in most homes and commercial buildings.

Control Casa and Control Manager building automation systems are designed using the latest technology to provide high quality, durable and easy-to-use products.

Control Casa, Control Manager, Cucina domotica, EVO-Chef, controllo della cucinaControl Casa, Control Manager, home automation, EVO-Welchome, accesso domotico, cancello automatico.

Techincal specifications

The system is composed of:

  • A central processing unit that shares data with all zone units to determine desired events and conditions – controlled remotely via internet connection.
  • Comprehensive software installed in the central processing unit;
  • A bus communication system providing safe transfer of information between CPU and rooms with reliability and speed over distances;
  • A zone unit for each room or zone to be controlled;
  • A battery with long-lasting UPS to ensure continued system functionality even if main power is lost or disrupted.

Plant schematic

Compared to a traditional system, Control Casa and Control Manager automation functions are unlimited:

  • Convergence and completeness: the entire system connects to a central data unit, which maintains control of all system functions, monitoring status and managing settings;
  • Remote control: the system is fully controllable and manageable via internet compatible tablets and smartphones;
  • Passive safety: the system has CCTV features and alarm functions that send notifications to connected user devices for on-site or remote management and response.
  • Active safety: Automatic doors and gates can be securely closed at pre-set times and immediate notifications of unsecured doors or gates sent to on-site or remote users.
  • Prevention safety: If smoke, water or gas leaks are detected, the system deploys an automatic power and/or gas shutdown in the specific areas;
  • Heating and Cooling: The system manages room’s temperature in relation to the current seasons, controlling heating during the winter and cooling in the summer.
  • Home and Office access: with Control Casa, all residents can enter their house using their smartphones. With Control Manager, all employees granted access by the employer may enter and exit the premise with their smartphones, either at pre-set times or to correspond to relation to work shifts;
  • Electric power distribution: The system controls energy distribution throughout each home or office area, enabling or disabling power at specific times and in absence of people;
  • Energy saving and recycling: lights that have been left on are shutdown automatically by the system and outlets are selectively disabled during night to avoid stand-by energy consumption. The systems ensure energy provided by photovoltaic system is being recycled for use by house appliances;
  • System upgrade: New appliances, hardware plants and optional functions may be added to the system after the initial installation;
  • File loggings: The automated systems create and save log files of alarms, access, errors, system status and more for ongoing facility management improvement and control (ideal for Control Manager)

All the above functions deployed by the central data unit are supported by software that has been designed and produced by our team.

Managing software

The software processes all settings, including timer, temperature, room configurations and irrigation and also provides status check functions.

Managing software

Access to the system is made via users’ smartphones, tablets, Computer and laptops.

 Control Manager, Comandi su iPhone, iPad, Android, PC e notebookControl Manager, Comandi su iPhone, iPad, Android, PC e notebook

Control Casa and Control Manager automation system integrates with plates, switches and outlets of most common electrical systems.
To enhance all advanced features, the system integrates several sensors:

  • PIR sensors with radar detect presence of people inside the rooms and are commonly used to automate lights and to support the alarm system.
  • Water leak sensors, to be installed next to hydraulic pipes or under the windows.
  • Smoke sensors, to detect threat of fire inside the home or business.
  • Gas leaks sensors, to safeguard the house from dangerous leaks and build-up.
  • Temperature sensors, used inside rooms to detect heating pipe temperatures.
  • Magnetic sensors, used to check the open/closed status of windows and doors.
  • Other sensors: the system is provided with other sensors to ensure the highest standards of personalization.

The system can also be upgraded with new functions and new personalization, with no need for work on the electric plant.

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