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Who needs business and home automation?

Who needs business and home automation Control Casa and Control Manager

VIP home automation

A luxury lifestyle is not just about the latest fashions and high performance cars – your home and office also reflect your taste and means.

If you are looking for a tailor-made system

Just as a tailored wardrobe, we design and manufacture an entirely bespoke system according to your desires and lifestyle.

Amaze and impress others

Control Casa allows you to impress guests and visitors by creating a distinctively unique living environment and memorable special events.
Control Manager lets you impress customers during business meetings and conferences with unexpected touches such as adjusting curtains and setting light levels and displays from wall or mobile devices.

Disability compliant

Control Manager and Control Casa: Simplified operation complies with disability requirements
System control panels, both fixed and movable, can be activated and adjusted with simple gestures.

For those who always forget their keys

Entering your house or office has never been easier, with access controlled directly from a smartphone or tablet – a simpler and more convenient solution than awkward, uncomfortable sets of keys.

For those who leave lights on

Control Casa and Control Manager relieve the anxiety of worrying whether lights are accidentally left on or windows left open.
Just relax and control them with smartphones and tablets!

When common safety and security is not enough

Control Casa and Control Manager are designed for those who desire the highest level of protection inside and outside the house.

Multi-story buildings

Ensuring control of your multi-level home or office has never been as comprehensive and simple. Easily check whether top floor windows are closed when it starts raining or make sure that light in the garage is turned off without ever leaving your seat.

Parental Peace of Mind

Control Casa makes sure children are in safe play areas without constant parent supervision.

Geeky pleasures

The system connects with other apps and software via sockets, allowing adventurous owners to experiment with new technology features.

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