Why you need open home automation system?

Why you need Control Casa and Control Manager open home automation system?

Compatible with most operating systems

Control Manager and Control Casa are based on an HTML interface, allowing it to be managed from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Control Manager and Control Casa are Apple iOS, Android, Windows and MAC compatible.

System Updates Regularly Provided

Control Manager and Control Casa system updates are easily accessed and installed, ensuring continued state-of-the-art operation and enjoyment.

Enjoy more of life

With the automated system monitoring and controlling home and office systems and appliances, you have less to worry about and more time to enjoy life.

Smartly invisible

Control Casa and Control Manager are “invisible” systems that keep your home and office safe, secure and in-style without cumbersome equipment. You even have the option to include a touch screen for added elegance and convenience.

Systematic energy savings

Control Casa and Control Manager monitor power levels in the home or office and can switch off appliances at peak use to provide optimal efficiency and prevent circuit overload.

Ideal climate

Control Casa and Control manager allow automatic temperature presets and remote control of air conditioning and heating so you can set temperatures room by room, hour by hour to create your ideal home or office climate.

Complete solution

The system is complete for each need.

100% Assistance

If selected, the system will always be monitored and supported by our remote assistance technicians.

We trust it, we use it

We are not just selling automated system technology, we use Control Manager’s technology every day to manage our own headquarter.

Why choose Control Casa or Control Manager?

Control Casa and Control Manager complement your desired lifestyle and satisfy your everyday living and comfort needs.

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