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To whom is home automation dedicated?

Who is the home automation Control Casa and Control Manager dedicated to?

For those who want to be noticed

A modern lifestyle is not only appreciated on clothing or on the car, but also on the house where you live and in the office where you work.

For you, who are the most demanding

As with a tailor-made suit, we design and create an entirely customized home automation system to customize the desired functionality.

For those who love to surprise

Control Casa allows you to surprise guests with small gestures and make even the simplest moments unforgettable by setting the perfect scenario for every situation.

Control Manager, in the office, surprises clients during meetings and conferences: closing the curtains and turning off the lights from the tablet before starting the presentation!

Home automation for those with mobility difficulties

The features and comforts of home are available to all. The management panel, fixed or mobile, puts everything under control, in just a few gestures.

For those who hate keys

Accessing the building has never been easier. You can do this directly from your smartphone or tablet safely. One tool eliminates the traditional, cumbersome key bunch.

For those who forget the light on

Control Casa and Control Manager meet the need of those who have the uncertainty or fear of forgetting the light on or the windows open.

A real thought-provoker!

For those who want to ensure maximum security

Control Casa and Control Manager are home automation systems designed for those who want the highest level of security within the home and at the perimeter of the home.

For multi-story buildings

Being able to check if the windows on the top floor are closed when it starts to rain, or if the box light is off, conveniently without getting out of the chair.

For mom and dad

Control Casa is a home automation system that allows you to check that your children are not “making a mess” while they are home alone.

For the tech geek

For those who can’t get enough and are always looking for the latest: the management system has the ability to be controlled via socket to interface with third-party programs as well.

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