Irrigate your lawn with Control Casa

Have you ever thought about watering your garden when you’re out? Irrigate your lawn with Control Casa. Having everything under control today is possible thanks to Control Casa home automation system . Control Casa is the only one system that allows you to remotely manage your garden irrigation through its special webapp . You can […]

Open your house with your mobile phone

Control Casa, open your house with your mobile phone, anti-theft control

No more remote controls: open the door of your house or your company directly with your mobile phone. Simple, fast and practical. No longer delivering your company’s remotes to anyone. Install Control Casa at every automated entrance and register all users on the web application: you can filter and control all accesses. Open your house […]

Cheaper electricity bills with Control Casa

Cheaper electricity bills with Control Casa. Today we all know the geopolitical situation we are experiencing. Power supply costs increase, skyrocketing electricity bills, ratification of electricity… Electricity bills have increased significantly in the last year and will increase considerably in the coming months. Here comes the home automation system Control Casa. Cheaper electricity bills with […]

Control Casa the only home automation system that protects you from electromagnetic waves

It is now well known that electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices are harmful to the tissues of our body. We are the first generation ever to experience the WI-FI network without having reliable data or sources on the real damage that involve all these electromagnetic fields interconnected between them. And, unfortunately, it seems that […]

Control Casa : The Smart Home of the Future

Control Casa : The Smart Home of the Future. 0t is an environment consisting of systems capable of performing autonomous and/ or programmed by the user. This home automation system allows the user to remotely manage his home and appliances. Thanks to appropriate user interfaces (such as buttons, remote controls, voice recognition), which send commands […]

Make your dream come true with Control Casa home automation system

Control Casa, home automation system, smart home, smart house, made in Italy, dream house

Do not listen to who is saying that only few lucky people can live their dreams: DARE YOUR DREAMS as never before. Control Casa home automation system lets you realize what you have always wanted: your dream house! A made in Italy home automation system thought for any need, from the biggest to the smallest. […]

Implementation for control plate

The peripheral devices of the zone block DAT CB DOM6 are gathered together and offer further characteristics. The new multifunction block has different implementations for control plates. It can be located in any key cover simply by using some glue. This interface has the clip connector that stands out the wiring of Control Casa home […]

Home automation unit in junction box

This is an example of Control Casa home automation unit, which can manage, in one bedroom with bathroom, the following functions: • lights (dimmer too); • loads (sockets); • door and window status; • temperature; • environmental brightness; • water leaks alarm; • shower alarm. Versatility of Control Casa home automation units Wiring is very […]

Control Casa State of Art Home Automation

Article published on “”, November 2013. Control Casa, home automation from your smartphone, tablet, touch screen and PC Control Casa is the automation solution designed and manufactured by DAT instruments, an Italian group with a 20 years experience in electronic instrumentation applied to the toughest and most difficult fields of engineering intervention. Control Casa is […]

Simplicity and state of art for home automation

Article published on “”, November 2013 A very straightforward and intuitive home automation – both to use and to install – and cutting edge for technological features and appliances at the same time. This is Control Casa, a solution designed, developed and manufactured by DAT instruments. Control Casa – a DAT instruments brand– is a […]