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Control Casa is the home automation system that improves your house and your daily life

Control Casa

Thanks to the proven Control Casa technology, this home automation system adapts to all lifestyles, always keeping up with times. In fact, thanks to its components entirely designed and manufactured in our laboratories, you can freely choose plates, buttons and sockets from all manufacturers to integrate and customize your system to the maximum. Your home will really be in your hands.
More comfort thanks to Control Casa home automation technology: your house is controlled not only by wall switches but also by tablets, smartphones or any other device connected to the Internet.
It is no longer possible to forget an open gate because this system verifies the closure at pre-established time. It is possible to check your system and act wherever you are, in absolute safety. Anti-theft function is included.
Thanks to the use of advanced sensors checking water, gas or smoke leaks, this home automation system automatically removes power and gas. An alarm is sent to the devices of domestic workers and remotely for prompt intervention.
more savings
It is no longer possible to forget a light on because this home automation system verifies the switching off of lamps and it is also possible to verify and act remotely. Sockets can be disabled overnight, to cancel the consumption of the stand-by of household appliances.

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