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Control Casa - Control Manager

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Single-button convenience on the motorcycle handlebar provides easy access to home/office.
Create a spa experience in your bath.
Remote kitchen appliance control.
Complete control of gate, door and window access.


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    Control Manager

    CONTROL MANAGER is an automation system designed for companies, offices and business buildings. 

    Control Manager is designed to make any work environment safer, more comfortable, more energy efficient and more cost-effective to manage.

    Control Manager Beneftis

    Advanced functions
    Control Manager provides complete workspace management, allowing employees access to designated work areas during scheduled work hours and automatically turning workspace power supply off when business hours have ended.
    Advanced alarm
    Control Manager automatically confirms all exits (doors and windows) are secured during non-business hours and sounds an alarm with unauthorized access. Manage facility security, checking and controlling system functions, from anywhere in the world with your mobile device.
    Enhanced safety
    Control Manager’s sophisticated sensors detect water, gas and smoke, shutting off power and gas automatically and send an alert message to a Computer or mobile device.
    Cost saving
    Control Manager monitors and controls power outlets and lights, providing remote user controls via smartphone or tablet. The system can automatically turn off unneeded lights and disable power outlets at night or during down times to avoid appliance stand-by power consumption.

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