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Control Manager:
advanced home automation

Welcome the future of home automation

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Find out all automation solutions for villas and apartments.
Find out more about the automation product for homes, offices, companies and shops.
Find out more about the product for homes, offices, businesses and shops.
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Control Casa - Control Manager

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    Control Manager

    CONTROL MANAGER is an automation system designed for companies, offices and business buildings.

    It is aimed at involving company staff in order to raise awareness of the use of available resources.

    Thanks to the use of ultra-advanced and tested Control Manager technology, the system adapts to all lifestyles, with the certainty of always keeping up with the times.

    Control Manager home automation systems integrate perfectly with the plates, buttons and sockets of all manufacturers.

    This ensures that you can choose your own style without compromise.

    Control Manager Benefits

    Advanced functions

    The technology provides a complete system for each employee who can access the office via their smartphone at pre-established times. In the evening, the office waits for the employee to leave to release the power.

    Advanced alarm

    It is no longer possible to forget an open gate or door. The system verifies the closing at the pre-established time. Management and control can be performed from anywhere in the world. Anti-theft function included.

    Enhanced safety

    The system switches off electricity and gas automatically through the use of advanced sensors against water or gas leaks or in the presence of smoke. The alarm is sent to employee PCs and remotely.

    Cost saving

    It is no longer possible to forget a light on. The system verifies that the lighting is turned off and allows remote verification and action. The sockets can be disabled during the night, to eliminate the stand-by consumption of all the equipment, extending their operational life.


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