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EVO-Persona, home automation technical assistance

Advanced home automation technical assistance

Enter Control Casa, the advanced home automation: advanced home automation technical assistance.
Control Home, Control Manager, EVO-Persona, remote home automation technical assistance

Remote configurations

Thanks to the timely home automation technical assistance CONTROL HOME eCONTROL MANAGER Requests for custom configurations can be sent to make the management of the house more and more unique.
The customer will be contacted for a technical confirmation and the configuration will be carried out and sent remotely directly to the customer's system.
An example: the customer realizes that it would be more appropriate for the button at the entrance to open the gate instead of turning on the external lights.
Saying... done! No need for technicians to work at home or in the office.

Remote self-diagnostics

CONTROL HOME eCONTROL MANAGER They are always active with an uninterrupted scan of the utilities in your home. All scans can also be verified remotely through all devices connected to the system (laptops, tablets and smartphones).

Fault reports and technical alarms to the user

The system is always on. In the event of technical alarms (water leaks, boiler blockage, etc.), the system will alert the user.
And that's not all: trusted technicians, plumbers or electricians can also be notified, in order to solve the problem as soon as possible in a completely transparent way for the customer.

Functionality of EVO-Persona, advanced home automation technical assistance.

  • An optional remote assistance and customization service is available.
  • All settings can be changed, at the Customer's request, at any time and at no additional cost by our staff.
  • Remote assistance service on the home automation system included in the price.

Thanks to the use of technology THAT, advanced and proven, Control Casa e Control Manager they adapt to all lifestyles, within the family, with the certainty of always keeping up with the times.

The Control Casa and Control Manager home automation systems can be customized according to any customer need, from the floor plan of the house to the configuration of the room.

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