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EVO-Welchome, automated home access

Control gates, doors and windows for automated home access.

Welcome to Control Casa, the most advanced home automation technology available: automated home access.

Control Casa uses latest technology to create the utmost comfort at home.

EVO-Welchome is one the most popular functions offered exclusively by Control Casa.

EVO-Welchome creates distinctive, elegant guest receptions to your home and delivers instant notifications to your smartphone, tablet or any other Internet-enabled device.

Controlling your home from a smartphone is easy and will impress friends and visitors.

Control Casa changes simple entries to meaningful welcomes.

Control Casa, Control Manager, Accesso alla casa domotica, EVO-Welchome, controllo accessi alla casa domoticaControl Casa, Control Manager, Accesso alla casa domotica, EVO-Welchome, Apertura cancelletto da remotoControl Casa, Control Manager, Accesso alla casa domotica, EVO-Welchome, Accogliere gli ospiti nella casa domotica

EVO-Welchome functions, automated home access.

  • Monitor whether gates, doors and windows are open or closed (remote control available).
  • Open and close gates, doors and windows remotely with Computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Customize settings for automatic entry/exit.
  • Existing installed open/close switches typically available remain functional.
  • Create unique entry/exit level settings for different individuals.
  • Create temporary access codes for guests or occasional visitors (Also available with QR Code tech).

Thanks to the use of advanced, proven DAT technology, Control Casa and Control Manager automation systems support your lifestyle, now and in years to come.

Control Casa and Control Manager can control every kind of automatic gate, entrance door and garage door, regardless of model or manufacturer.

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