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EVO-Ride, home automation access

Home automation access convenience for motorcyclists

Welcome to Control Casa, the most advanced home automation technology available: home automation access.

Control Casa uses latest technology to create the utmost comfort at home.

EVO-Ride: for motorcyclists.

EVO-Ride brings easy, convenient single-button handlebar remote control access to home or parking area.

EVO-Ride is also available for use on smartphones, tablets or any other internet-capable device.

EVO-Ride is just one of the many functions provided by Control Casa that let you live in your house the way you have always wanted.

Control Casa: ride the future!

Control Casa, Control Manager, Accesso domotico, cancello automatico, EVO-RideControl Casa, Control Manager, Accesso domotico, EVO-Ride, basculante automatizzataControl Casa, Control Manager, Accesso domotico, EVO-Ride, accesso con pulsante sul manubrio

EVO-Ride functionalities, home automation access to motorcyclists.

  • Single-button remote control configured for handlebars provides access to home/office.
  • Activate gate and garage door open/close, with option to create customized entry sequence.
  • Provides ease of controlled access/exit for motorcycle riders.

As products of DAT instruments Company, a company globally recognized for providing advanced civil engineering construction automation hardware and software, Control Manager and Control Casa enjoy the same innovative technology applied to making home and business environments more comfortable and enjoyable.
Control Casa and Control Manager automation systems integrate automatic gate and garage door functionality and are compatible with the most popular models and manufacturers.

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