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Control Casa, the latest generation home automation

Article published on the website โ€œwww.infobuild.itโ€, November 2013.

Control Casa, home automation directly from smartphones, tablets, touch screens and computers

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Control Casa it is a choice of style that allows for living comfort in step with the most advanced technology and combined with the lifestyle of the users. Home automation systems integrate perfectly with the plates, buttons and sockets of all manufacturers on the market. With just three taps you can enjoy your own personalized living scenarios. Almost infinite functions and possibilities allow the control and regulation of the lighting and heating system, garden irrigation based on real-time weather forecasts, any swimming pools or wellness areas, the photovoltaic, geothermal and sound systems .

Technology Control Casa it is 360ยฐ comfort and allows you to control all functions directly from your smartphone, tablet, touch screen and computer. But it is also maximum security as the system checks all the locks on your property at a pre-established time, according to your habits and needs, including advanced anti-theft functions. Thanks to latest generation sensors, it captures any leaks of water, gas or smoke, and preserves the safety of the home. Finally, it is also a precious source of savings: the system automatically checks that all light sources are turned off, can disable power sockets during the night and cancel the consumption of appliances in stand-by.

The system is composed of a central processing unit, with internet connection for remote control, which sends and receives data from the peripheral cards and decides the actions to be taken. The central unit is equipped with functional management software and can feature touch screen controls and commands. The system uses a secure communication bus in terms of reliability, distance and speed of information transfer. Each room has a room card with its own integrated functions. A long-life uninterruptible power supply guarantees system operation even in the absence of mains voltage.

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