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Home automation module in junction box

In this example, the Control Casa home automation module manages the following functions in a bedroom with attached bathroom:

• the lights (including dimmers);
• loads (holdings);
• the condition of doors and windows;
• the temperature;
• ambient brightness;
• the alarm against water leaks;
• the shower alarm.

The versatility of Control Casa home automation modules

Domotica Control Casa DIN rail home automation module

With simple mounting on a DIN rail and the use of clamp connectors, the wiring is really simple and quick.

Home automation is synonymous with implementation: to add functions and controls it will always be possible to install a new module on top of the existing one. In specified systems, multiple rooms are often grouped into a single module, leaving the management of lights and loads to a minimum. The end customer will be free to decide to add new features and obtain a completely customized system.

Home Automation Control Home overlapping home automation modules

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