Open your house with your mobile phone

No more remote controls: open the door of your house or your company directly with your mobile phone. Simple, fast and practical.

No longer delivering your company’s remotes to anyone.

Install Control Casa at every automated entrance and register all users on the web application: you can filter and control all accesses.

Control Casa, open your house with your mobile phone, features

Open your house with your mobile phone

To adjust lights
Adjusting lights is the best way to make your house more cozy and sustainable. In a smart home, in fact, on, off and intensity of lights is adjustable through Control Casa. In this way you can create relaxing areas with soft light and choose the moment when you want to turn them on. The GPS function also allows you to identify where people are, thus turning on lights before their arrival and turning them off immediately after they have left.

To regulate temperature
Control Casa allows to obtain a great energy saving, respecting Nature and encouraging savings. Thermostatic valves, for example, allow to optimize the consumption related to domestic heating. Traditional models work manually: heat level is manually set. Smart valves can be controlled remotely and are ideal for configuring your radiators simply by using a web app.

To manage doors and windows
Ventilating the environment is essential for the health of people and to create a comfortable environment in your house. To keep temperature and humidity under control, smart fixtures are ideal. They allow you to open or close windows depending on indoor climate. While sensors, in case of sudden thunderstorms, allow you to avoid damage tightening windows with the web app. Are you a distracted guy? With the Control Casa application you can also find out if you may have forgotten some windows open!

For smart blinds and curtains
Intelligent electric roller shutters are a convenient alternative to remotely adjust. Managing opening and closing is very simple, while home automation can also be used for curtains, with many practical advantages and a high energy saving. Not only: Control Casa presence detector helps to intercept the LUX, to keep rooms always at the ideal level of lighting.

For motion sensors
Safety is an essential element in a modern house, especially if isolated and with very few sources of light. Motion sensors are great allies: they can be connected to doors and windows, they turn on thanks to movement.

Control Casa, open your house with your mobile phone, anti-theft control

Give other people access to your house

Sometimes you need to give access to your house to people outside the family. It is not unusual to entrust the maintenance of household cleaning or ironing of clothes to third parties. In these cases, the most recurring thought concerns precisely the keys of one’s own abode given to another person. With Control Casa you can independently generate a dedicated access, also setting limits in time and on days you want to give permission.

Your maid will have access to the portion of the house where she will have to perform her duties, excluding a part of the anti-theft function and power sockets necessary for her. Control Casa will keep alerts and alarms in the rest of your house unchanged. You can restore a total protection with only one exit command.

Your gardener can open the gate and interact with Control Casa home automation system for all aspects that have to do with gardening. Not only access without keys, but also complete management of irrigation system, power sockets, outdoor lighting and perimeter protection of the anti-theft.

Open your house with your mobile: access without keys, via smartphone

You can substitute your house keys with any smartphone or tablet with Internet connection. At any time you can decide to change dates and times of activation or cancel accessibility, if you change your mind. You can use this function with remote controls too.

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