Home Automation System functions

More than an alarm for home and/or business

  • Check security status of your house or business – windows, doors, gates and other points of entry.
  • Detect the presence of individuals inside and outside house or office.
  • Assign unique access levels by individual for home or office.
  • Create QR-codes to grant temporary access to home or business
  • Alarm activation notifications delivered through remote computer, smartphones and tablets.
  • Customize alarm activation messages to designated users.

Light control

  • Turn lights on or off remotely from computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Monitor status of lights remotely from computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Set light timers by room or area โ€“ detectors activate lights when individuals enter room or area.
  • Personalize light settings for each user.
  • Existing light switches remain functional.

Light adjustment

  • Turn lights on or off remotely from computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Customize light settings to create the perfect room ambience for special occasions or time-of-day.

Television control

  • Control television remotely from computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Create timed on/off settings for television.
  • Monitor status of television remotely from computer, smartphone or tablet (option).

A Spa experience in your bath

  • Create the perfect mood with custom music settings.
  • Customize light settings for the spa ambience.
  • Set or adjust bath temperature (option).
  • Turn sauna, steam and/or Jacuzzi functions on/off.

Remote cooking

  • Home automation system connects to and controls key kitchen appliances, such as coffee maker and oven.
  • Set timed controls to automatically turn appliances on or off for either a specific time or planned event.
  • Control and/or check status of appliances remotely from computer, smartphone or tablet.

Control gates, doors and windows

  • Monitor whether gates, doors and windows are open or closed (remote control available).
  • Open and close gates, doors and windows remotely with Computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Customize settings for automatic entry/exit.
  • Existing installed open/close switches typically available remain functional.
  • Create unique entry/exit level settings for different individuals.
  • Create temporary access codes for guests or occasional visitors (Also available with QR Code tech).


  • Access CCTV cameras remotely with Computer, smartphones and tablets.
  • High Definition NVR (Network Video Recorder), suitable for security systems, records and re-tapes images taken by the IP cameras (HDD included).
  • Indoor/outdoor IP security cameras, furnished with CCD CMOS color picture sensors, Varifocal lens, IR LEDs for night vision (black and white).

Connect to online weather forecast

  • Collect real-time weather conditions and forecast on Computer, smartphone and Tablets.
  • Activate heating/cooling systems and appliances (watering, shades, etc.) based on real-time weather conditions.

Cost control and energy saving

  • Automate electrical outlets to shut off during night and/or at pre-set times sockets.
  • Increase home and personal safety by disabling unused electrical outlets.
  • Reduce utility costs with better consumption management.

Automatic system check

  • Automation system performs continuous self-scan and issues technical alarm notification to designation user(s) if error occurs.
  • UPS (Unit Power Supply) assures available power for alarm function, remote control and sensors performance even during loss of power.
  • SMS notifications sent to designated user in event of alarm or fault notification.

Water drops, gas leaks and system alarms

  • Sensors detect drops in water pressure that indicate leaks.
  • Sensors detect gas leaks or fire warnings in the kitchen any equipment or technical areas in the workplace.
  • Control Casa sends technical alarms to designated users such as plumber or electrician.
  • Automatic shutdown of power, water and/or gas shutdown in case of problem detection.
  • Option to send help or request for assistance message from the bathroom to other system users.

Ambient fragrance system

  • Fragrance diffuser installed in-wall.
  • Create fragrance settings for specific times or for special occasions and manage settings remotely with smartphone or tablet.

Energy saving sensors

  • Collects data records and provides real time display of water and power consumption.
  • Consumption data exposes saving opportunities to help reduce utility costs.

Audio system

  • Control home sound system from Computer, smartphones and tablets.
  • Customize music selections and sound levels to pre-set times or for special occasions.

Customize systems remotely

  • Optional online system configuration and assistance service.
  • All settings can be modified, upon userโ€™s request, at any time at no additional charge.
  • Online remote service included.

Heating and cooling system control

  • Control system on/off switch remotely from Computer, smartphones and tablet.
  • View temperature display for each room or area remotely.
  • Option to pre-set room or area temperatures by specific times.
  • Activate heating/cooling systems and appliances (watering, shades, etc.) based on real-time weather conditions.

Watering system for garden and terrace

  • Automatically activates sprinklers for individual gardens or terrace areas.
  • Option to schedule watering times for each garden/terrace area.
  • Start/Stop option controls watering schedule
  • Monitor watering status remotely on tablets and smartphones.
  • Monitor weather forecast to prevent unnecessary water waste.

For motorcycle riders

  • Single-button remote control configured for handlebars provides access to home/office.
  • Activate gate and garage door open/close, with option to create customized entry sequence.
  • Provides ease of controlled access/exit for motorcycle riders.

Shade and curtain control

  • Connects shade and curtain operation- by room or area โ€“ to main home automation system.
  • Schedule shade and curtain open/close settings to specific times, events or to weather conditions.
  • Previously installed open/close function switches remain functional.

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